Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught Red Handed

A couple of weeks ago I was working from home. I was furiously typing away on my laptop tending to some urgent work dramas when I happen to glance over and see this:

I had been eating mint chocolate chip ice cream as a snack and I finished off the carton and left it on the kitchen table. The curious pig jumped on this opportunity. Too bad he got his head stuck in the carton in the process.

He stood very still like this for awhile obviously confused by his situation. Then he started to panic and try to get it off. Every time he got it off he would put his head back in to try to lick the ice cream remnants again and it would start the whole process over. Not the smartest little piggie.

I finally had to take it away from him because it was starting to seem like this might go on forever as long as there was still the smell of sweet goodness in the carton.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seymour Has Spoken: No Earthquakes for California

Jim Berkland, former USGS Geologist has predicted a California earthquake between March 19-26. He successfully predicted the 1989 Bay Area quake. You can read more about it here.

Part of his research is based on strange animal behavior. Since his prediction, many friends have been posting on Facebook and Twitter that their animals are acting crazy.

So I turned to Seymour to see what was going on and whether or not he was worried about an earthquake.

This is what I saw:

So I checked back a few times and saw the same thing. Just his usual slumbering in his donut bead using his favorite stuffed toy as a pillow.

According to Seymour, we have nothing to fear.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seymour and his pink snuggie

My company had a white elephant party a couple of years ago and I ended up with a pink snuggie. It sat in my cube for a long time but when I finally brought it home it quickly became the property of Seymour.

He's still sleeping with it today. In fact, he enjoys being tucked under this blanket each night until only his little face is showing. He waits patiently in his crate each night for my husband to come and perform this tucking in ritual.

Please observe him in his tucked in state:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Did you know Pugs have curly tongues?

I don't actually know if all Pugs have curly tongues, but I think a lot of them do. Whenever Seymour yawns, which is quite often, I see this long curly tongue appear. It reminds me of fruit by the foot (anyone remember that stuff?).

So I did some research on the internet and below are my findings regarding pug tongue curls:

Bath curl

side curl

outdoor curl

Droopy curl

fancy curl

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seymour is an lol

My friend Stacey pointed out that Seymour's face in this photo looked like the walrus and his bucket. This made made me laugh for about 3 days straight.

So I decided to make a seymour bucket lol to contribue to the walrus and bucket saga.

Please vote for Seymour!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seymour Meets a Port-A-Pug

Tonight my husband came home with a surprise for me. I was pretty happy about it.

Port-A-Pug!!!!! This is a pug in a box.

This thing comes with a lot of pieces. I laid them out on the kitchen table. I liked the head and leg bone pieces the best.

It was pretty easy to construct and the instructions were simple. Nothing complicated like Ikea furniture assembly which is pretty much the worst stuff to assemble in the world.

It also comes with a little stage.

After it had been assembled and I felt like it was pretty sturdy, it was time for the port-a-pug to meet seymour. At first Seymour was rather skeptical.

But then he gave it a kiss.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Surprise Attack on an Unsuspecting Koala

Most of the time when I look at Seymour he is sleeping. He's not too picky about what he uses as a bed.

So I tend to think of him as a pretty easy-going fellow. He minds his own business, sleeps where he can, makes the best of his situations, and so on.

That's why it always surprises me when he suddenly busts out surprise Ninja attack skills. Especially on unsuspecting victims like Koalas sleeping in the yard.

Here he is in action:

Kind of makes you wonder when he will suddenly go Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on you. As right before the surprise attack was caught on camera, he was just casually walking in the yard with a little piece of dirt on his nose just minding his own business.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not a fan of ABBA. Not a Dancing Queen.

Here is something kind of weird about Seymour. He rarely ever barks. In fact, I can count on one hand the times we have heard him bark.

Last night we heard him bark for the 5th time.

And what did he bark at? ABBA. Specifically, Dancing Queen. Apparently, he is not a fan.

In fact, every time we have heard him bark it is just one rather pathetic bark. Nothing more.

But ABBA got 3 barks.

Here are the things he has barked at (in no particular order):

1. The Dog barking in Paranormal Activity II

2. Someone setting off fireworks in the park behind our house

3. The dog whisperer

4. The men and their machine that came to re-do our hardwood floors

5. ABBA - Dancing Queen

Normally he only opens his mouth to make howls and cries and other odd noises.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let me introduce you to Seymour

pug teeth

A year and a half ago I adopted a pug named Seymour from the Modesto SPCA. I thought pugs looked and acted funny which is why I wanted one so badly.

I have been spamming Facebook with stories and pictures of him for a pretty long time now so I figured it's about time I started a blog.

Here are some facts about Seymour:

1. He likes to eat. A lot. He will eat anything including toilet paper, Q-tips, dirt, plastic bags, and anything else we are not quick enough to snatch out of his mouth. The only thing we have found so far that he does not eat is lettuce. Everything else is fair game.

2. He makes a lot of loud snort noises and blow-hole sounds out of his nose. He will snort right in your face with no shame.

3. He's a giant pug. I didn't know this when I adopted him because I didn't spend time around pugs much, and I thought he was just your average sized pug. Turns out he is a jumbo pug. Tall and with long limbs. Everywhere I go I hear "that is a really big pug."

4. His previous owner surrendered him and his sister to the SPCA. Unfortunately, the SPCA broke them up and his sister was adopted by the time I found him. Because of this, he was very very sad and needy for the first 4 months. The neighbors told me he would cry the entire time I left him alone. He would also panic if he was not in the same room with me. The good news is he is much more independent and adjusted now!

6. He is a kind of a creepster. He likes to sit and watch me for hours. I don't know why he does this or what exactly he wants, but he can stare for hours and hours. Even if I feed him, walk him, and love on him... he just goes back to staring.

I'll end this entry with a photo of Seymour running free and proud:

pug running