Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let me introduce you to Seymour

pug teeth

A year and a half ago I adopted a pug named Seymour from the Modesto SPCA. I thought pugs looked and acted funny which is why I wanted one so badly.

I have been spamming Facebook with stories and pictures of him for a pretty long time now so I figured it's about time I started a blog.

Here are some facts about Seymour:

1. He likes to eat. A lot. He will eat anything including toilet paper, Q-tips, dirt, plastic bags, and anything else we are not quick enough to snatch out of his mouth. The only thing we have found so far that he does not eat is lettuce. Everything else is fair game.

2. He makes a lot of loud snort noises and blow-hole sounds out of his nose. He will snort right in your face with no shame.

3. He's a giant pug. I didn't know this when I adopted him because I didn't spend time around pugs much, and I thought he was just your average sized pug. Turns out he is a jumbo pug. Tall and with long limbs. Everywhere I go I hear "that is a really big pug."

4. His previous owner surrendered him and his sister to the SPCA. Unfortunately, the SPCA broke them up and his sister was adopted by the time I found him. Because of this, he was very very sad and needy for the first 4 months. The neighbors told me he would cry the entire time I left him alone. He would also panic if he was not in the same room with me. The good news is he is much more independent and adjusted now!

6. He is a kind of a creepster. He likes to sit and watch me for hours. I don't know why he does this or what exactly he wants, but he can stare for hours and hours. Even if I feed him, walk him, and love on him... he just goes back to staring.

I'll end this entry with a photo of Seymour running free and proud:

pug running


  1. So glad you started this blog... I just love him. He makes me want a pug, but right now I have my hands full with Aires. The part of him staring at you makes me laugh...makes you wonder what he is thinking

  2. Thanks! yeah, 1 dog is a lot of work. I want more pugs, but then I think about how much work (and fur!!!!) it would be and then I come to my senses.

  3. Well this is just great! Love the photo of Seymour running! I want to know where the name came from.