Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught Red Handed

A couple of weeks ago I was working from home. I was furiously typing away on my laptop tending to some urgent work dramas when I happen to glance over and see this:

I had been eating mint chocolate chip ice cream as a snack and I finished off the carton and left it on the kitchen table. The curious pig jumped on this opportunity. Too bad he got his head stuck in the carton in the process.

He stood very still like this for awhile obviously confused by his situation. Then he started to panic and try to get it off. Every time he got it off he would put his head back in to try to lick the ice cream remnants again and it would start the whole process over. Not the smartest little piggie.

I finally had to take it away from him because it was starting to seem like this might go on forever as long as there was still the smell of sweet goodness in the carton.


  1. Ok, I loved Seymour and his little face before but now I'm completely enthralled! I love his determination to eat all that ice cream. NO MATTER WHAT.