Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seymour Meets a Port-A-Pug

Tonight my husband came home with a surprise for me. I was pretty happy about it.

Port-A-Pug!!!!! This is a pug in a box.

This thing comes with a lot of pieces. I laid them out on the kitchen table. I liked the head and leg bone pieces the best.

It was pretty easy to construct and the instructions were simple. Nothing complicated like Ikea furniture assembly which is pretty much the worst stuff to assemble in the world.

It also comes with a little stage.

After it had been assembled and I felt like it was pretty sturdy, it was time for the port-a-pug to meet seymour. At first Seymour was rather skeptical.

But then he gave it a kiss.



  1. I Love his curly tongue and the expression on his face in the first picture

  2. The Port a Pug is too cute! And I love how Seymour kissed it.